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Marina Garmendia 

Co-Founder / CEO

Isabela Rios Amador

Co-Founder / CEO

Marina earned her B.S in Marine Science from Eckerd College. She continued her education with an M.S in Marine Science from Nova Southeastern University. Currently, she serves as a research associate at the Coral Reef Restoration and Monitoring Laboratory. Her research focuses on coral restoration in Florida and Mexico.

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Isa graduated from Eckerd College with a B.S in Marine Chemistry. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. Her research focuses range from coral restoration optimization to seawater electrolysis for sustainable hydrogen production and carbon capture.


Francesca Reina

Fran is an Italian underwater portrait photographer with a profound passion for ocean conservation. Over the past 15 years, she has lived worldwide, working as a SCUBA diving instructor, underwater photographer, and certified yoga teacher. Through her photos, Fran aims to inspire people to advocate for positive change

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We are proud to have the support of Mexican National Fishing Institute (INAPESCA) and National Fishing Research Center in Puerto Morelos (CRIAP), working alongside Dr. Claudia Padilla. It has been her team's goal since 2017 to restore over 260 million corals to the Mesoamerican reefs from Contoy to Tulum. All the corals restored through Coralisma’s projects fall within Dr. Claudia’s count. We hope to continue contributing to this number through all of our future projects as well.  


Coralisma forms part of an international collaboration that aims to restore the Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park (APMNP) with stony coral micro-fragmentation techniques. The INAPESCA, the CRIAP, and the Coral Reef Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Laboratory (CRRAM) at Nova Southeastern University are the collaborators in this project.


We are grateful for all that we have accomplished but none of it would be possible without all our donors, partners, and volunteers. Specifically, the support of our community through our GoFundme website. We have been lucky enough to receive great donations from large institutions such as Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen, and RHL Properties.

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Location of Coralisma's coral restoration sites. Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park, Mexico


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