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Become a Coralisma volunteer. Come scuba diving with us in the Riviera Maya. You will be able to participate in projects ranging from cleaning in our nursery to coral out-planting. All you need to become a scuba volunteer is an Open Water certification! However, we are not limited to divers, utilize your abilities, and become a volunteer. 



No dive certification? No problem. Coralisma is a non-profit organization composed of a variety of talented volunteers working towards one common goal, helping make the world a better place. Help towards the ocean branches far beyond the work we are able to do underwater. It is through the further education of coral reefs and inspiration of our mission that resonates with people and evokes action across the globe. We are always looking for support from educators, technology enthusiasts, and more. Please feel free to apply regardless of your background, there is always room for help. 

As of today, 2020, all the corals that were originally hung in our nursery in 2018 have been out-planted back into their natural environment. We have created a database where future volunteers can leave their contact information and be notified via email when a restoration or cleaning event will happen. 


December 2018 
Coralisma nursery was outplanted & data collection
March 2019 / August 2019
Data collection 
Out-planting event with INAPESCA
March 2020 / July 2020
Data collection 



Our most recent project is the development of our brand new coral tree nursery. This is an important process because we must identify a location that consists of the desired conditions for optimum coral health and growth. Sign up to be a volunteer and stay tuned for the new location and construction of our brand new nursery. 


Coralisma, is aiming to restore the reefs of the Riviera Maya by incorporating new and existing restoration methods. Our goal is to perfect the restoration methodology to the conditions of the Playa del Carmen reefs as well as inspiring future ocean stewards. 

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We are always looking to branch out in different fields, whatever your specialty is and/or how you believe you can help us with you are welcome to reach out! 

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